Sunday, December 2, 2012

Countdown Day 2

Flee at once and go purchase yourself a box of these tanned, cheerful men-folk.


Upon receipt, please report back that you, as well, fell victim to consuming these stout little boys by the fist-full.  This December, let's celebrate elastic waistbands and empire shirts.


Jenny D. said...

Not fair taunting me with Trader Joe's stuff! Actually, a TJ's just opened in SLC over the weekend...finally. But when I went up day #2 of it's grand opening, it was SO crowded and the shelves were picked clean, hardly anything was left. It will be weeks before I make that trip again, not to mention it's nearly an hour away.

H said...

I went to TJ's for brandy beans and liquer filled chocolate covered cherries. I have no idea what to get my father-in-law as gifts.

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