Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown Day 1

In theory, it sounds like a superb endeavor; however, I'm acquainted with myself well enough to know that I will most likely fail, hard.

But alas, I'm giving it a go.

Hello neglected blog and 12.5 readers (.5 for the one of you that's pregnant).

For you, my sweets, is a holly-jolly get-you-in-the-mood-while-it's-87-degrees-outside countdown to Christmas (forget the hot chocolate, who's up for a Slurpee?)

Check it -

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2012

This baby did NOT take home the grand prize.  Surprisingly, there were attendees clothed in sweaters as awful as my own, and mine has peppermint swirls for buttons.

Ugly Sweater

A recount you say?  I agree.  We're puzzled.

Ugly Sweater


Jenny D. said...

My month just got supremely better!

Rachael said...

YAY!!!! I love reading your blog!

MOnique Davis said...

When's the party? LOL I missed a goodwill 50% off yesterday to go hunting.

Gina said...

Man Clint's sweater gets the prize, that is hideous. Even he can't carry that off.