Friday, April 15, 2011

about real important stuff

True things -

The older-ly ladies at LAFitness have NO qualms with the nude female form. While in the buff, Myrtle and Gertrude had a lengthy conversation about embroidery floss.

After 20 minutes or so, your spinach and blueberry smoothie will cease to look bluish/purple and will revert to it's default color of greenish/brown.


My Iphone is much more user friendly than Clint's Droid Incredible.

I'm fascinated with Utah's culture, but would not, could not, ever live there, unless supposing I were elected Emperor of Utah.

If I were elected Emperor of Utah, I would ban the word "Anthro".  It's Anthroplogie, people.  And stop shopping there so much.  That sweater you bought yesterday could have paid for 1 child's cleft palate surgery in Africa.

There's nothing hotter than a man in an apron holding a pile of raw meat.


When people start a sentence with "I don't mean to brag" I think, in fact, they do.

I don't know how to say no. I can barely type it. That's why I don't answer my phone.

Doritos and Tomatoes.

Tomato and Dorito Sandwich

Being inquisitive isn't considered nosy when you're Diane Rehm.

I frequently confuse the words Entomology and Etymology.

The rebel in the white shirt must have the darnedest time finding tattoo-showcasing apparel in his town of Cedar City, Utah. Cruella on his right stole his jeans from an 11 year old girl.


Passive aggressive behavior: Blech.

It's annoying when people start most of their sentences with "I heard on NPR the other day....". I never do that.

I heard on NPR the other day that Glenn was leaving Fox. Poor Glenn. No more hour long sessions standing in front of a whiteboard, sketching out a complicated diagram of the world's demise which inevitably sends me running to Costco for a 20 lb bag of rice.


Rachael said...

The Droid couldn't keep up with my speed! I have the iPhone and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Have you downloaded Words with Friends! If not...DO IT!! Great game and you can play with friends...obviously...they named it words WITH FRIENDS. If you do my name is Roach3638
I hate the ways teens dress these days!!! Skinny jeans should not be worn by men!

Heather said...

what do i know?
that you are an awesome friend, and that I am an awesome seamstress as that apron is divine.

Jenny D. said...

The Utah culture is only interesting if you don't have to live in Utah. Once I'm out, I plan to never return.

And I believe you should never say never.

Rachel said...

How in the world have I not gotten you down here to visit if you can't say no? That's important stuff.

gericalynn_3 said...

I'll make a Costco run with you~

Sara said...

Wow, you have been saving up! So, I start a good 50% of my sentences with "You know what I heard on NPR?" AND I do not believe that we are Facebook friends. What does this mean?

I did, however, discover that awesome nursing hat for you thus inspiring a great post.

Bill said...

Thanks for the shout out...I think. I posted the same photo on my Facebook page, but somehow the apron was missing. Now you went and told the truth. I hate that !

H said...

I think I've missed some of your posts. I KNOW I would have remembered reading about Gertrude and the embroidery floss as I was just looking at some today and wishing I had some advice.