Monday, April 25, 2011

about customer service

Are there any among you who are as irritated as I with Hobby Lobby's method of ringing up merchandise? Hand entering prices is antiquated, and it makes for very sloppy receipts since I have to pencil all over them to remind myself what I purchased.  SCRAPBOOK ITEM is vague. They hand count every item - there is no computer keeping a tally.  I recently purchased 10 of the same item, and while I was at the cashier, we both took turns counting them. Twice I came up with the number 10, and twice he came up with the number 11. He stared at me, willing me to break and agree with his 11.
I broke and said "fine, ring it up for 11."

As most of my purchases go, days later I decided to return my 10/11 items. Lo and behold, the returns cashier counted 10 items, and proceeded to credit me for only 10 items.

Breezy Jaylee - "Oh, you only credited me for 10 items. The receipt says that I purchased 11 items, but that's only because one of your cashier's counted incorrectly."

Cashier - "Hmm, well, I can only credit you for the items that you're returning, which are 10."

Ironic Jaylee - "Yes, but when the cashier was ringing them up, he and I took turns counting and I kept counting 10 and he kept counting 11, and we ultimately decided to go with his count. "

Cashier - "I understand, but since you're only returning 10 items, I can only credit you for 10 items."

Flabbergasted Jaylee - "Why would I by 11 items? Doesn't that seem like a weird number? I know I only took 10 items from your store that day, and I was incorrectly charged for an additional item."

At this point she calls the manager over and explains the situation.

Manager - "We can't credit you for an item that we don't have at the time of return."

Furious Jaylee - "Look, I shop at Hobby Lobby all the time, more than I do your competitors. I understand your policy, but it was YOUR cashier's mistake. Can you please credit me for that additional item, and chalk it up to good customer service?"

The managers turns to the cashier and says "Just give her the credit."

I was returning scrapbook paper on sale for $.05 each.  Cha ching!  It's the principle people. 


Lindsay said...

Way to stay strong, Jaylee!! I bet you left that store with your head held high! ;)

I'm glad you're back to blogging. It's been too long since we've see each other. Can we fix that, please?

Jenny D. said...

I was just thinking the other day how weird it was that Hobby Lobby still enters things by hand, I'm almost surprised they take credit cards!

So, this is the first time I have ever lived close enough to shop at a Hobby Lobby and they just built a new Hobby Lobby even closer to us. Score! I decided to make a simple skirt for Gretchen and when she wore it church on Easter, there were several other homemade skirts using the same fabric! So much for trying to be unique.

Nancy said...

Are you serious?? That is soooo ridiculous!! For .05 too...

Hobby Lobby needs to catch up with the current century!!

Rachael said...

Way to fight the fight!!!! Good for you!!! :)
We dont have Hobby Lobby but Michael's and JoAnn's has horrible lines that are a mile long and 1 cashier...frustrates me!!!!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh. I don't even return things if they cost $25 (like the pants I just ordered for Josh from Lands' End that are actually too BIG. I'll just keep 'em for him to grow into.) .05 cents? Good work, Jay!

April said...

I am all over this. I'm surprised you didn't have Moron count along with you, but I'm so glad you didn't because now I can read this hilarious post. I'm glad the manager caved, rightly so. Job well done!