Thursday, April 14, 2011

about the saucer breast

A friend recently came across the silliest nursing cover in existence.


Does "nursing cover" come to mind? All I can see (or not see since it's camouflaged, yuk yuk) is "flying saucer".

Depending on surrounding company, I may or may not choose to use a cover while I'm nursing.  I seem to have become a bit more brazen, so come my 6th kid, I won't even bother wearing a shirt. A blanket has sufficed when needed, so I've found that all the new en vogue "hooter hiders" are overkill. 

It's intended purpose, in case the picture's point didn't come across, is to be used as follows -

silly nursing cover

The website touts it's a modern bonnet, but how can it be modern when I found it's Arizona version while thrifting at an antique store?

Arizona Nursing Cover

In case you'd like to grab one of these puppies for yourself, here's the website. I promise I won't laugh too hard.


Rachael said...

I find that my shirt is a good enough cover up. I don't understand why people need a huge cover up.

Rachel said...

Oh my how I have missed your posts.

Rachel said...

AND, I must say, if it was the norm for nursing mothers to walk around topless my quality of life would increase significantly.

Gina said...

That is the lamest nursing cover I have ever seen, it looks like a kids play hat. Why would you want to hold that in place while nursing. The whole point is to have something you don't have to hold isn't it? I should get one just to see what people say or how they look at me.