Sunday, October 12, 2008

Come and be artsy with me

Hello friendly ones. Lately, my time has been consumed with creating fine art for our Super Saturday (I wish we could think of a better name for this. It's kinds cheesy. Maybe something like "Splendid Creationism" Day.) I'm opening up our Splendid Creationism Day to friends/family outside my ward. The projects we're doing are listed below. Please email or comment if there are any you are interested in. It's on November 15th. My goal this year was to create pieces that I would actually use and keep. I really dig these items, and I was glad to hear today from other ladies that they dug them too.

Family Calendar 1

This calendar is $12. You will need to provide your own 16x20 frame and glass. I purchased mine at Michaels for $15 using my coupon. You can probably find a cheaper one at a thrift shop. The vinyl is on the backside of the glass, so it won't be bothered when cleaning.

Glass Block Nativity

This Nativity Scene is $10 per block.

Stocking Board

This is a great item for those without a mantle. This picture below shows what it looks like with the stockings hung.


You can have up to 5 large hooks on the front of the board, and 5 smaller hooks on the underside. Each board is $18, each large hook is $1.50, and each smaller hook is $0.25.


Each magnet is $5.50.


Each magnet is $5.00.

Advent Calendar

This is one of my favorite projects. It's an advent countdown for Christmas. There is a family activity on the back of each stocking to complete for the 24 days preceding Christmas, like make cookies, drive around town and look for Christmas lights, paint each others toenails, etc. I'll provide you with a list of activities, and as December gets closer, you'll include whichever ones you can complete in accordance with your schedule and other plans you have. Each set is $5. You need to provide your own scrapbook paper.



Brown and Pink




Each banner is $13.


Amanda said...

This is awesome stuff. I love it all. I wish I was there for Super Creationism Day. I like the advent calendar idea. And the framed calendar is cool, too. If I pay for some stuff (mostly vinyl) would you mail it to me? Or at least let me know where I can order it.

Get this - and don't tell Helena... but I just got called as enrichment leader. My ward here doesn't seem to believe in super crafty days. Bummer.

Cam and Janica said...

Thank you for the comment! I posted right after I watched the video, so I was a little emotional. I am embarrased to share that stuff on here, but there it is! Hey, you have to get my mom to go to that craft thing..I need her to make me something, or however it works!! They are all so cute! Such creative ideas!

Rachael said...

I love so many of your crafts. I may order a couple of things and maybe some of my friends. I can always have the Randall's send them to me! Thanks for sharing. Our crafts are LAME this year!

Tricia said...

I'm so jealous! I my have to fly out just so that I can join you!!!!!

Ed and Bel said...

Jay, I want to do the calendar. Let me know I can get you th money.

Rachael said...

What is your email address? Email me at
I do want to order a few things!

Michon said...

Can I choose what you’re going to give me for Christmas? =)

H said...

HaHa Amanda, I heard that! Don't worry, they will believe in artsy fartsy day soon.

Happy Birthday Jaylee!!!

FizixMamma said...

So cute! My new ward is doing only service projects all year for all RS activities which is great, but isn't super exciting or "Super creationistic". If you tell me how to get you themoney I want the vinyl stuff for the calendar, maybe 2.