Thursday, September 25, 2008

She may kill me, but.....

After my last post, I received this comment from an anonymous reader:

"Emma is more right than she knows! They are both invertebrates, and arthropods. The lobster is just a big sea bug. They sprang from the same evolutionary branch a long time ago. Wish it were a lobster....."


Did some wacky shellfish expert from Harvard whose currently studying the DNA similarities between chickens and sea life, google the right combination of "lobster", "chicken", and "salt", find my blog, and leave a comment with his biological spin to Emma's confusion? Thanks Professor Crustacean know it all.

Several minutes after deciding that was the case, my mother called me asking how to leave a comment with her name attached to it because she had just left one and had to leave it as anonymous.


I should have known...

...since she is the reigning Miss Crustacean and all.


Lobster 001

She's still waiting for the call to let her know when they'll need her for the float.


Rachael said...

That is so funny! I love the pictures!

Tricia said...

Too cute!!! That just made me laugh.....and I needed it! Your mom is great! Did you follow in her Crustacean footsteps? LOL

H said...

Insights into your life just keep getting better and better.

Let's make up a whole bunch of titles we could win and take pictures of ourselves in various outfits so we can be the crazy grandmas that our grandchildren blog about. (blog, or whatever the new word for it is)