Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home improvement takes up the majority of our free time. By our free time, I mean Clint's.

Here is the house originally. The picture quality is TERRIBLE.  I'd like to point out the pink fascia, purple and pink shutters, paper curtains, aluminum windows, and the mud pie front yard. We lived in this fantastic looking house for 6 plus years without making any major improvements to the outside. I wanted to focus all our time and attention inside.

This is right when we bought the house

This shot was taken after a new roof, fascia, windows, door, and railing were installed. I'll need to give props to Clint as we go along. My roofing grandfather did our roof and fascia, but Clint installed the windows, front door, and the railing/fence.

Right before the painters

Clint added the accent trim.

Right before the painters

Clint built the shutters, and the house was professionally painted. That's Richard our painter in the reflection of the door. He wore a white sweatshirt and white pants everyday. Why do painters where white?

Right after the painters

Right after the painters

Next up is the big pile of dirt and rocks that were dumped into our yard. The rocks are just dumped off the back of a truck and you're supposed to figure out how to move them yourself. They average 500lbs each.

Pile of boulders and dirt

This picture is after the curbing, the precise placement of each individual boulder, and many, hundreds, thousands of hours grading the dirt into perfect contours, done by Clint. He's a bit of a perfectionist (by bit, I mean huge).

Graded dirt and curbing

And finally, TA DA! Landscaping! Do you realize how many comments we've received in the last 7 years about the fact that we had no landscaping? "But isn't Clint a landscaper?" Yes, but I was also a party planner at work and there weren't many parties happening at the Draney abode. I love how green it is. The Sierra Club hates us.

Landscaping complete

Landscaping complete

Landscaping complete


April said...

This gives me hope that someday I will no longer have a mauve house. Thanks for the inspiration! And aren't we so glad we have handy husbands?! Hooray for that!

Monique said...

I like it!! You are now the envy of more than just the country club!

cheryljaye said...

Jaylee you really made me laugh; I think this is your marketable skill!

H said...

Did you copywrite "yuckfestyness" or can I use that word too? I'm sad that I don't drive by your house every week now :0 I could ooh and ahh! I have to say, when you two do something, you sure do it right!

Heather Weir said...

I can not believe the difference of your house. Its like its two totally different places. The landscaping is fantastic! Good Job Clint!

Monique said...

Totally love it!!