Saturday, March 8, 2008

We'll see how this goes....

I’ve gone back and forth.  The Con-Arguments -

  • Fear of putting myself out on the internet for all to see.
  • My postings being taken the wrong way (story of my life).
  • Along those lines, I am too sarcastic, which can be very off-putting.
  • I’m on the computer enough as it is.
  • Do I have real issues to blog about?
  • I’ve never been a “my life is so great because....” type of girl.
  • What the frick is CSS and HTML?
  • It’s 12:36 am right now. Is this the time I’ll normally be posting?
The Pro-Argument - 

  • My family has NO idea what I do all day. Hi Nona!
  • I like to write.
  • Not that I really do a lot of things that require tutorials, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE tutorials. If I get around to refinishing my coffee table, I’ll do one on that.
  • I’ll have something to do at 12:47am if I can’t sleep.

    I heard Asher crying in my bedroom, found this scene, told him I’d be right back, and went to grab the camera. He listened and didn’t move.


    Heather Weir said...

    I'm glad you caved. welcome to the dark side. I'm a midnight blogger too. and yes it is addicting and yes i like it for the journaling aspect too. I look forward to seeing what you have to add to the blogging world!

    Jenny W said...

    It's about time!

    Heather said...

    you'll be composing in your sleep now!
    Glad you started- added your feed! Cute little Asher!!

    L said...

    haha..I love it :) Great job and your kids are the cutiest kids in the world..well..after Paula that is..... I have a few others of Asher that you might want to post...He looks especially cute with a pink flower in his hair.

    April said...

    Just because you are proud of something or havea greaat idea yto share does not make you boastful. And if people think you are boastful, it's their issue not yours. Hooray! Can't wait for a good read. It's going to be good right? Like mine?(I'm sarcastic too. And boastful apparently.)
    PS when you figure out CSS or HTML let me know.

    Monique said...

    Hey, you aren't the only one the is sarcastic in nature...LOL. Can't wait to read...and trust me you will have those I-should-post-that moments...I have one I need to put on right now. LOL

    Bridget said...

    I use mine for the journaling part too. and I agree with April almost all the blogs I read are sarcastic...mine is. Have fun can't wait to see more pics.

    Cramster said...

    Awesome. The great thing about blogs is that you get to make your space what you want. Boastful? Who cares. You have every right to show off all you know and how cute and wonderful your family is and how clever and talented you are with all your diy projects.

    What is that old saying? "Every crow thinks theirs is the blackest..." or something like that.

    Can't wait to see what you do all day!! :)

    Ed and Bel said...

    Hey, Asher is get big. I have not seen him in a while. I think that I am spoiled because a lot of your friends are up very early for a Saturday morning.

    Heather said...

    jaylee- email me if you want help customizing your template...and with CSS/HTML

    Helena said...

    LOVE the title
    LOVE the post
    LOVE you!

    Man, am I glad I didn't put all that thought into starting my blog!

    Carianne said...

    Your kids are the cutest! Welcome to the blogging world. Can't wait to read more about you and your family!

    Darla said...

    I've avoided learning what a blog is. This seems like a good place to start. Looks like a public diary so far. Seems harmless enough.
    I'll keep checking back to see what you reveal......