Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're broke thanks to Walt

I never thought I was a sucker, but good ol' Walt and Co. stuck it to me good. We've just returned from the land of over-priced commodities, and we loved every minute of it.  I swear we walked over 2.3 million miles, which is like, 57,564 calories burned, but I still managed to gain 5 lbs while I was there. How?

Ah yes, the overpriced commodity.  Disney corp brings in $95 million each day.  Half of that is from sold food.  $30 for a cheeseburger with bacon and fries, a funnel cake piled high with chocolate sauce, brownie, and whipped cream, and a lunchable. While in the upper left hand corner of my pictured tray, the free (we brought them from home) bag of un-eaten apples idly sits waiting to unload it's appetite suppressing fiber on one lucky individual (apparently not me that day). What is it about being at Disneyland that makes it okay for me to drop $4 for a cup of hot cocoa? And why can't I wait to do it again? I wish I had more pictures from our trip, but I don't like to take pictures of random things. I keep yelling at Clint to stop video-taping the scenery. I like to capture special moments, yet I never seem to grab my camera when they occur.  So, all I come home with is a picture of my food tray.

Tray at D-land

Clint and I took a slight detour from D-land and visited Los Angeles to see Wicked. He surprised me with tickets for our anniversary. They were worth every dime. I highly recommend it.


Heather said...

what a thoughtful husband! You go Clint!! I saw it with Sarah H at gammage and really liked it

April said...

Good old Walt, he'll do that to ya'. And he'll make you believe that you can become a princess if you visit him and drop bucketfulls of money at the doorsteps of his many shops to get your full princess makeover. He'll also get you to eat loads of overpriced greezy food and then, like a moron, ride the scariest thing ever and upchuck all over family and friends. Ah, good times. What a sweet guy? Good ol' Walt. But it doesn't stop there, no! When you get home, Walt follows you...in the mall, on the televsion, in your home, in the mail, on PBS, on your clothes, bags, jewelry, toys, phones, televisions, and every other thing you could possibly imagine. That Walt, he doesn't want to be forgotten, so he touches everything with his Disney-esque magic spell. But hey, don't let me make you feel bad, with my political position that has been hammered into me since marrying a crazy of all crazies. Besides, who doesn't love Dosneyland? Can I go with you next time?

NiteMare409 said...

I bought the book for Wicked, and I have the soundtrack but I am unable to put the two together long enough to finish the story.
So many blogs to read, so little time left over...

Matthew J.