Monday, June 7, 2010

Star Trek IS Great

Recently, Emma drew Clint and I each our own picture. She placed them both under our pillows for us to find when we went to sleep. I asked her the next morning what the picture signifies. She said it's a picture of how we spend our time with her.

Here is how Clint and Emma spend their time together -

Clint's picture

Apparently, here is how Emma and I spend our time together -

Jaylee's letter

Her picture is completely inaccurate. Picard never smiles, and for most of the seasons, Worf's hair is longer.

I may the lazy parent, but at least I'm not an idiot.

Jaylee's not an idiot


Sara said...

I love her art work! And at least she has fond memories of being together with you. A few days ago Lizzie told me that when she grows up, she's going to be nice to HER children.

H said...

Wait a sec- the flower in Emma's hair is one of the clips that you and she made together, I'm sure. Of course, she took it out to watch the tube with you. She's nice and comfy on the couch there, and I like how her head is lower than yours.

April said...

Love it! Oh the joys of childrearing. I'd hate to see a depiction of what Justin has seen recently. I would be screaming from the couch to get him to play with something in his bedroom away from me, probably followed by the words, "I don't care," or "It doesn't matter." Sigh!

Monique said...

Well, it is the thought that counts. Maybe that was something you did together the night before. Or maybe, she just shares your love for the tube.

proud parents said...

Did she really write IDIOT on there?!?
You are, of course, completely right in your assessment of her depiction. And she is completely right that Star Trek is great. Win-win all around.
Oh Sara, when are you NOT nice to your children?

Rachael said...

TOO FUNNY!!! I have no idea who any characters are in Star Trek so I would be a lame mom for her!

Pop Pop said...

Is it appropriate for Emma to be hiking in a cocktail dress, along with a shoulder wrap, with the days going over a 100 degress?

Emma seems quite content on the couch with you. You can read much into the tilt of the crown of a person's head. It says ... "Mom, we are at one here on the planet Alameda. I love to go where no woman has gone before, with YOU!"