Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stay away from 7th Ave and Indian School

This is a parking spot.

This is a parking spot

This is a fabulous store that carries a wide array of vintage dresses.

vintage stuff here

This is an oil lube shop.

Lube shop

This is an island.

This is an island

This island is supposed to deter drivers from making u-turns in the lube shop's parking lot.

This is my car stuck inside the island after I backed out and forgot I was parked next to a freakin island that was 10 feet long.

Me saying grrrr

This is Jose and Jesus (not the savior kind of Jesus, the hispanic kind of Jesus). They are friends who hold hands. I think Jesus is a bit jealous of Jose's abundant hair. They both work at the lube shop.

Jose and Jesus

After I said GRRRR!, I went inside the lube shop and sheepishly asked for help, and "Could someone come outside because I did something really stupid?". Jose and Jesus asked "Did you get your car stuck in the island?". Evidently, I was the second car this week, and like the 147th car since the installment of that contemptible island.

Jose and Jesus have a dedicated jack, cinder block, and spare tire devoted to helping expel idiots from the island. After a few fancy maneuvers, Jose and Jesus extracted my car.

After my many thank yous, and "I feel stupid"s, Jose picked off an oleander blossom from a bush nearby. He said "Doesn't this smell good? When you think about today, smell this blossom and don't feel stupid, feel good."


Jose, dear Jose, I just vinyl'ed your wisdom across my dining room.



Heather said...

SNORT!!! That's great Jaylee...

Monique said...

Maybe Jose doesn't like Jesus after all. ;)

Rachael said...

Love it!

Jenny D. said...

That's hilarious. I'm cheering right along with the lady at the bus stop!!!

Rachel said...

Oh Jaylee, please, please, please move to the middle of nowhere with me?????????????????????? Please?

April said...

Oh my goodness. How bored were you today? That's some fancy photoshoppin'. You could be a professional. But the real question is, was being stuck in an island, professng your stupidity and being calmed by Jesus worth it? Did you get a hot vintage dress?!

Sara said...

You tell good stories. Could you come over here and put my insomniac daughter to sleep for me?

Pop Pop said...

Perhaps not "THE" savior, but certainly "A" savior.
I think when someone comes along to save you, and his name is Jesus, you should perhaps step back and consider the possibilities.