Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Love Veteran's Day

I Love Tempe.

I Love That Every Year Tempe Hosts A Veteran's Day Parade.

I Love Going Every Year.

I Love Supporting Our Proud Veteran's.

I Love Watching The Parade With Emma's Friends.


I Love Watching The Parade With My Friends.


I Love Marcia's Mop Brigade. I Look Forward To Marching With Marcia's Mop Brigade In 30 Years.

Marcia's Mop Brigade

I Love Shriners.


I Love Shriners In Funky Cars.

Little Car

I Love Shriners In Little Cars.

TIny Car

I Love Shriners In Minuscule Cars.

Small Cars

I Love Seeing My Alma Mater. I, However, Do Not Love Seeing Their Size Diminish With Each Year.

Tempe high

I Love Ladies Who Grow Older With Pride.

Old Ladies

I Love Ladies Who Strive To Stay Youthful.


I Love My Boys.

My Boys

I Love Boy Scouts. I Love That Emma Will Probably Marry A Boy Scout. He May Be In This Picture.

Boy Scout

I Love That Police Officers Get A Break And Can Ride In Our Parade.

Police Men

I Love Emma's Little Bum.


I Extra Special Double Dog Heart Adore Swoon Love Firemen.


I Love Living In Tempe.

(missed you Tricia)


Marie said...

It was so much fun, thanks for letting us all in on your special spot :)

Rachael said...

How fun! We did nothing special for the Day! Eli went to the doctors this morning and Alexis went to a friends...nothing exciting! Way to be patriotic!

Monica said...

I LOVE Tempe too!!!

Heather said...

my bum has still had more publicity than emma's!

H said...

My sentiments exactly! You are very eloquent in word and photo. Thanks for the fun recap.

JRV said...

Jaylee, you are making me miss Tempe!

Pam said...

Im so glad you had a great time at the parade. My kids have been in that parade for yrs and yrs. Thanks to Tempe High! BUT I have never gone to see them. Don't ask me why I never did???

Bridget said...

I love Tempe too! I am sorry I missed it. I really wanted to come I was out voted and We all went to the visitor center. Maybe next year.