Monday, November 17, 2008

Emersen Paris Draney

My oldest is seven (and four days). I told her it's her lucky year. Not sure how so, but it seemed fitting.

TIME FLIES! is also very fitting to say. Cliche, but true.

Come hold my virtual hand as I take you on a trip down memory lane. Or, for those that had not the pleasure of my company during these times in Emma's life, it'll be a trip down the scroll bar for some pictures of a maturing Emma with interspersed anecdotes and tidbits.

On Emma's infancy - I've never been one of those moms who declares their children to be the cutest of all in existence. When your friend down the row says the exact same thing about their own children, it seems to be a moot point, right? In the spirit of keepin it real, I can honestly tell you I did not think Emma was an attractive newborn.

Infant Emma.jpg

Is it just me, or did Emma look like a frog? Granted, it may not be a flattering picture, but she didn't grow into her looks for another 2-3 months.

This is how I remember Emma's earlier days. She only fell asleep if swaddled and in our arms. She was not not an easy baby. She was never a champion nurser or sleeper. I remember many times having to nurse her while standing and swaying from side to side, and the minute I would sit down, she would declare treason and all was lost.

Emma as baby

The following pictures are Emma at around 6 months old. Now, I will as a dutiful mother, claim that at this age, and henceforth, she was/is beautiful.

Emma as baby with doll

Emma Pretty Baby

Emma at 6 months

Aren't all little girls deserving of a picture of themselves dressed in some outlandish fashion, surrounded by tulle and feathers?

Emma as an angel

After Emma's first year, she began to grow into her personality and finally let up a bit and became easier to care for.

Emma at 1 firm

Emma at 2. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. I love how her foot is out in front of her, kicking the air.

Emma at 2

Emma at 2 firm

Emma at 3.

Emma at 3

Emma at 4.

Emma at 4 firm

Emma at 5.

Emma at 5

Emma at 6.

Emma at 6

Emma at 7.

Emma at 7

A few interesting tidbits about Emma -

She is, by far, the most agreeable child I've every known.

She is always thinking about me and ways to make my life easier. There's not much she can do, so she does small things - she'll open all the car doors before she gets into the car, or she'll frequently say "I'll do anything you tell me to do". The guilt I feel is overwhelming sometimes. It's tough to give her a hard time about doing her homework in a timely fashion after she's just offered herself up to do my bidding. Here is her love note to me after being told she had to wait to eat a piece of bread until she had eaten more dinner.

Emma's Note

Emma has never watched (at least on my watch) Hannah Montana or any other tweeny show of the like. I'm not saying she never will, but I'm not ready for her to be grown-up enough to start watching a show with a laugh track. And, to her detriment, the 2 year old in our house rules the tv at this point, so Emma doesn't have much choice but to sit back and watch Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba sing about being nice to worm babies. I wouldn't think it was such a big deal that a six year old would prefer cartoons over real life actors, but it seems that Emma's entire 2nd grade class of girls knows all the characters in High School Musical. I just don't understand what draw that show has to 7 year old girls who have no clue what the subject is about. Then again, I've never watched an episode of Hannah Montana, so maybe the show is about how you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes and make sure you flush the toilet after you're done going potty.

Along those lines, Emma doesn't listen to music on the radio. Right now, it's because I'm usually listening to NPR, but when she's older, I know her and I will have many arguments about our listening choices. Sometimes we'll listen to The Beatles or The Doors, and Clint has her hooked on the latest Coldplay cd, but will a time come when she's made fun of because she doesn't know every word or appropriate gyration to the hit song at the moment? I could very well be preventing her possible Student Body President win.

She reads when she goes to the bathroom.

If asked, she will prefer to wear a dress above all else, but when I tell her to throw some clothes on, she will put together some very interesting, yet slightly embarrassing ensembles.

She's taken for granted. By me, that is.

She's going to be the easiest teenager. Shut up, I'm not in denial. I'm trying to put out good vibes.

I don't think I compliment her enough because whenever I do, she hugs me and tells me she loves me.

She sings all the time, and very loudly, except for when she's supposed to sing (like at church).

Asher is her best friend and she is a wonderful older sister to him.

Emma now

She's sensitive to other's feelings. We watched Monsters inc recently, and towards the end of the movie, when Boo and the big blue monster (I forgot his name) were saying goodbye to each other, Emma started to wail. I chuckled, and then she yelled at me for laughing at her.

Emma has been such a joy to parent. I've always been firm yet loving towards her, and I used to think that it was me that shaped her into the obedient child that she is. Then I had Asher. He stomped and spit all over that theory.

Do you every purposely put your chair on two uneven surfaces so that you can shift the weight of the legs back and forth for fun? I've been enjoying the click clunk sound the entire time it took to write this post.


Jenny said...

Um...I can remember when someone (you) brought HSM to my house because you had to watch it to see what all the hype was about!!! And if you think 2nd grade is bad, Gretchen has a little friend who introduced her to HSM and we went with her and her mom to HSM3 the day it came out. I'm happy to say she got bored during the movie, but she is a fan nonetheless. Now it's Kung-Fu Panda!

We miss Emma.

Crystal said...

Cyrena is the same way. She was an extremely difficult baby but she became easier and easier as she got older. Derek did the opposite. Cyrena still doesn't get into High School musical and she's 10 so there's hope that Emma will stay her sweet innocent self for many more years. Cyrena also doesn't really get into Hannah Montana that much either, nor does she listen to the radio either. I love that she still watches cartoons as well. It's nice to have a daughter who isn't just following the fads of their friends.

Heather said...

this was really sweet jaylee. and i will join in with your mother for that "angel fluff" thing you did to poor innocent emma.

Sara said...

I love the picture of them on the tricycle. And I loved seeing Emma's baby pictures since she was almost 2 when we moved in. What a beautiful kid then and now!

H said...

I used to think all those things when my kids were that age. Now, not so much.

I almost took the girls to see HSM3 last week but we were too late and it was packed. Tasha has a little crush on Troy.

Tricia said...

I LOVE the picture of your 2 kids on the bike. It needs to be an ad for something! Emma has turned into an absolutely beautiful girl. I just wish we were there to watch her grow-up.

Monica said...

Hopefully Andrew is more like Emma, because I already have an Asher.