Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've Learned

This past week I have learned:

You cannot vacuum and read at the same time.

You should pee before going to a comedy club.

Velveeta never really goes bad.

Kayaking is much more fun but much more tiring than I previously thought.

If the pricing of a t-shirt is ambiguous, Gap will honor the lower price. If you ask if you can go back to the display to grab a few more t-shirts for the same price, they'll tell you not to push your luck.

Breakfast with a friend is a really great way to start the day.

I can only go 5 weeks between coloring my hair before my gray gets out of hand.

If I'm the one with the most opinions about a certain event, I'll be put in charge of it.

If you sit outside of Cold Stone at Marketplace on a Friday night, it will seem that everyone you've ever known will walk past you, making for many sweet reunions.

A simple phone call can sure change a few things around here, mostly face time with my husband.

I have a twisted need to have much more on my plate than I can possibly handle.

My mailman's name is Greg.

If I don't think about what I say, I can really screw up a conversation.

Along with that, I'm not good at backtracking my way through to clarify my point.

If you're in a car with multiple people, don't fall asleep with your mouth open because they can and will place things in it.


Ed and Bel said...

WOW! You have learned a lot. What will you learn next week?

Diana said...

I say you can read while vaccuuming--you just can't care about it looking like you've actually vaccuumed when you're done. :)