Sunday, September 14, 2008

Congrats & Condolences

Today, I may have shown you this -


But I was actually feeling like this -


It was mentioned that each bishopric member has a young family and to please be mindful. I'm thinking about vinyl lettering that thought onto the bishop's office door.

This picture was taken today. I wonder how much more grayer my hair will be in the picture we take the day Clint's released from his calling.

iPhone 003

Could I sound more pessimistic? Seriously though, I'm thrilled. I think. Well, maybe not. Except I'm joyful. But scared. Optimistic? No. Um, how about sanguine? Yes, that sounds about right. I'm sanguine.
"So, how are you doing today Jaylee?" people will ask me.
"I'm sanguine," I'll respond.
"Oh, that's nice," they'll say, as they mutter to themselves that the new councilor's wife is a wack job. And guess what the new councilor's wife was doing at the exact moment the new councilor was receiving the phone call asking him to come in and see the Stake President? She was telling a dirty joke to a bunch of women. But, in my defense, it was a pretty funny dirty joke. Next time you see me, ask me to tell it to you. I will, unfortunately, have to tell you, "No, I can't, because I'm the new 2nd councilor's wife and I'm sanguine."


Crystal said...

I think if they talk to me first they will know that I am the nutter wife of the bishopric. I also have the crazy spiky hair to go along with it. Welcome to crazy bishopric town. There's room for more. Great pic of your family. You all look sanguine (whatever that means).

Ed and Bel said...

I am glad that you are hopeful. Clint will be great and so will you as the 2nd counselors wifey. =)

Monique said...

You will do great. :) I thought you were crazy before, so not much will change. ;)

Heather said...

aw, Clint will do all the work, you just have to show up and functions and smile. Oh and you can only grumble quietly to yourself when he is called away at all hours to help people.

And the little I know of Clint, I think he'll be great. He is easy to talk to and seems to have a genuine interest in other people!

Rachel said...

GEEZ! Way to leave me hangin! Who's the bishop?

And I feel the same as you, congrats and condolences speaks what I always feel for the families of bishopric members. Have fun!

Amanda said...

Yeah I am with Rachel. So who is the new bishopric?

H said...

Sanguine: "having the bodily conformation and temperament held characteristic of such predominance and marked by sturdiness, high color, and cheerfulness" (doesn't that sound like Jaylee wrote it? It was actually Merriam-Webster) or definition #4 says confident, optimistic.

Jaylee, I love that you are optimistic! I have seen you change so much in the past few years and I truly believe that you were preparing yourself for this role, whether you knew it or not. I want to get sappy here and say how great this is, but I won't.

As for the new bishopric, how long do we keep Rachel and Amanda hanging?!

H said...

I can't do it!!!

Bishop: Adam Stephensen
1st C: Jared Lee
2nd C: Clint Draney

Sara said...

Jaylee, I've heard my dad (who has done everything) say that he thought it was waaaaay more work being the Young Men's President than being a bishopbric counselor. As the YM pres. you are in charge of all this planning and all these activities, but as a counselor in the bishopbric you mainly just have to show up to stuff and preside. Granted, the time committment is probably greater and my Dad didn't have small children at the time...but here's hoping!

April said...

I was being serious when I asked if you were in the primary room to cry. I know I would've been crying out of worry for myself. I think that you and I have very similar temperments, and you can always gripe to me when you are feeling abandoned by your do-gooder husband. I promise to listen and not judge and say whatever you need me to say whether its, "you're right he doesn't need to move 6 people in one week, and he needs to cook more often," or "I think it'll be fine, maybe your whole family can help move couple number 6. That'll be fun!" Optomistic is good, but don't fake it then you'll be depressed. You have to accept it for what it is. That's really just advice to myself but it seems to help out when your kid starts kindergarten, so since our two situations are so similar maybe it'll help.
Love you!

Jaylee Draney said...

I know I've responded to each of you personally, but I just have to publicly say THANK YOU for your support. I love you my peeps!

Jenny said...

I laughed when I saw you were successful in your post idea -- awesome. Love your dress Jay! Oh, and see you SOON!!!

Heather said...

hey, i don't recall a personal response. sheesh, chopped liver i guess.

Rachael said...

Hey girl! I loved finding your blog through Susannes! You and Clint look wonderful! So he is in the bishopric I am gathering!? Good for you two! Where are you living? What are you doing? Beside having two beautiful children! Good to see you guys!
Rachael Randall

Crazy Christensens said...

I promise the time will just fly by!! It will be hard, and a sacrifice for all of you- but well worth the work! It wont be all that bad!!