Wednesday, January 23, 2013

About Optical Areas

For his birthday, the Clint-ernator treated himself to new glasses.  

Too bad so sad for Clint, his birthday falls in the beginning of January, and since this last Christmas and every preceding Christmas because who are we kidding, I blew our Christmas budget out of the water as if it were a submarine in a game of Battleship I played with the 6 year old who doesn't keep track of his previous location inquiries.  Drives me crazy.  

Not the blowing of the Christmas budget; the six year old who refuses to play the game correctly and subsequently loses every time.  And in this house, we play for realsies.  Which means my loser kids cry. But what do I care?  I won.

January funds are ultimately tight since they're needed to cover December's 3 letter word (fittingly rhymes with crass).  

On Clint's birthday this year, he politely thanked me for the toothpaste, re-fried beans, and a youth winter basketball registration fee that I purchased in honor of his name, but was somehow not satisfied with the effort.  Or the beans.  Enter glasses.

He is now quite fetching in his optical area (sounds naughty).  He has a whole new face.  Kinda stinks that the girl with perfect eyesight is stuck with the same dumb face she's had for the last 35 years.  

Except I did get some onion goggles for Christmas.

Clint and I


Jenny D. said...

I need to get me a pair of those onion goggles, do they really work? Happy Birthday month to Clint!

Rachael said...

I feel bad for people who have December or early January birthdays! They get the shaft!
Cute picture!

Nancy said...

You guys are sooo funny. I miss being around you. It's nice to be able to see again huh Clint?

Lisha said...

I want some onion goggles!!! Where did you get them!! I LOVED seeing you in March!!!

Marta said...

Discovered your blog and love your Onion Goggles!!!!!!!!!! What a great idea!!!!

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