Sunday, April 15, 2012

about NPR

My unenviable children have only the sweet sounds of NPR's lulling commentary to listen to while driving with me.  

Clint's better at balancing talk radio and Top 40, and is their source for all things current.  For the 8 minutes a week the kids are alone with Clint in the car, they suck up all things Katy Perry and the like, committing to memory every verse and chorus, to later use as ammunition on the playground against the assault of "you're the loser who can't sing along with your friends cuz you don't know the words cuz you're mom's a loser too".  Unfortunately for my children, I'm the head chauffeur so NPR is their primary source of sound waves.  

And they're listening.  Sort of.  Emersen's probably learning a thing or two through osmosis, but Asher's paying attention.  While listening to All Things Considered, Asher's interest was piqued and it lead to a very enlightening, albeit controversial, exchange.

Asher: "What does "the Republicans want Obama out" mean?"

Me: "It means there's some people called the Republicans that don't want Obama to be president anymore."

Asher: "How do they make it so he can't be president anymore?"

Me: "A bunch of grown-ups get together in a room and they say "Raise your hand if you want Obama to go away" and if most of the people in the room want Obama to go away, then he does."

Asher:  "But isn't Obama the President of America?"

Me: "Yes."

Asher: "But doesn't Jesus love America and think that America is the best ever?"

Me: "Yes."

Asher:  "So does that mean that Jesus doesn't love the Republicans?"

Me: "........"

For safety reasons involving myself and family members, my response to last question will not be made public at this time.

NPR's reporting runs the gamut; some reports are preceded with disclosures about possible upcoming inappropriate material for the younger listener. 

Here is the reply I offered Asher to his question while listening at home to a streaming episode of Diane Rehm.  Tell me if you could have done any better -

Me: "Uh, hmmm, well, it's a, it's you know, um, a, uh, thing that maybe, uh, maybe when you're a little older I will, um, I can explain it to you."  

Asher's question: "Mom, what's Gay Sex?"


tempe turley said...

I think Jesus not loving Republicans is more controversial than gay sex. ;-) Also, whenever Tempeturley comments it's probably me, too lazy to log back in as myself.

unqtiousedge2000 said...

Hahaha. Asher is quite logical.

I grew up in a household where my mom was a republican and my dad was a democrat. It makes for a well-rounded person I think.


H said...

I love your "raise your hand" explanation. I can't wait until Asher can vote.

Rachel said...

We have an hour ride to church every week, so it's NPR for the girls. This happened today;

Sophia: Dad, what's gay.
Dad: Ummm, it's like you only want to kiss umm boys, like, if you're a boy and you only want to kiss and marry other boys or people who are your same sex.

Sophia: (bored) When are we going to get home?