Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Emma Halloween 2010

Asher Halloween 2010


Heather said...

both very cute Jay! Emma's skirt turned out great, I take full credit due to my over the phone instructions for you. (ha ha!)

Rachael said...

Cute!!! The 50's costume is a classic! Alexis was that last year and thankfully she saved it because today was 50's day at school (we found that out less than 24 hours before school today)

Rachel said...

Well, I get to take at least a little credit for your rush and lateness, since you also single handedly threw together my "Notsupersaturday" craft WHILE throwing together Emma's skirt.

THANK YOU!!!! (I LOVE it!)

Sara said...

Well done, Jay. I love the glasses. But even more I love your newly painted buffet in the background featuring your ultra crafty Halloween display.