Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Fugly to Fab

I think all those blogging "Teach Me Tuesdays" and "Thankful Thursdays" etc. are a bit cheesy. I'm dubbing today the "I ate too many pita chips, nothing good on tv, stupid knee won't bend, cupcake is yelling at me to eat it, already ate a cupcake today, don't need to eat another cupcake, cupcake starts crying, don't want to give cupcake self-esteem complex, eat cupcake, eat salty pita chip to balance out taste-buds, eat more pita chips because you forgot how yummy pita chips are, decide to blog, got nothing to say, post a picture of some version of progress being made in your life albeit this particular progress took place 6 months ago but you don't think anyone would agree that 'eating the last cupcake so you can wash the tupperware it was housed in', or 'eating all the pita chips so you can trash the bag to clear up space in your pantry for more pita chips' could be called progress Wednesday".

How about "Lose you readers Wednesday"?

This chair is part of a set that I found at Qcumberz. I slapped on some oil-based paint and stapled fabric over the existing mess of tacky burlap. It's previous owner was a bit heavy-handed with the sandpaper.
They're as uncomfortable to sit in as they look.





Stay tuned for "Thankful for stretchy underwear Thursday".


Heather said...

ur funny. i would have eaten your cupcake for you if you'd ask, cause I just that kind of friend i am.

sorry lunch didn't happen. waiting on pins and needles for tonight's date.

Heather said...

p.s. apparently my grammar sucks. please send sleep.

Anonymous said...

I have more cupcakes!

Monique said...

Would it make you feel better to know that I ate 3 cupcakes on Tuesday.

So, to make myself feel better I didn't eat the cheesecake at the R.S. get together.

So, then I got comments on how I must stay in such good shape because I avoid things like cheesecake.....if they only knew.

Michele said...

Haha you seriously crack me up! Sorry about your knee and dilemma about eating those delicious snacks. You should just cut up some carrots and leave them right by the cupcakes to add some more self-esteem complexes to the mix. :) Good luck recovering still!!

Gina said...

Cupcake, shmupcake. I had steak diane for dinner with all of that yummy heavy cream and butter, then a cookie. After the kids were in bed I ate chips with nacho cheese and then chocolate cheesecake. I feel good, I look good!

My word verification is "gasnest", thought you should know.

H said...

It's called "Wordless Wednesday" ya big jerk! And you can take your stupid chocolate treats and eat them all because they make my baby cranky. Next time I'll have him come over and puke all over your quite cute, yet uncomfortable chairs!

My word verification is "traysi". I think it's French.

Rachael said...

Once make me laugh out loud (I refuse to use LOL.)
The chair looks awesome.
What flavor cupcake?

Jaylee Draney said...

Heather - thx for offering your eating services

Michon - I would offer to take them off your hands, but I think my husband would like to come home to a wife that somewhat resembles his wife and not a whale.

Monique - Thanks, I feel a little better, although I think you would still be your thin little self had you eaten that cheesecake.

Michele - If only I had the willpower to choose the carrot.

Gina - gasnest. that's funny.

H - Notice I didn't make fun of Wordless Wednesday. I know that's something you partake in every now and then. All the other days are cheesy.

Rachael - Vanilla with cream cheese chocolate frosting. It was left over from a Super Bowl party. I've been eating them all week. It's bad because I can't do much to work off the extra calories. I tried to run down the hallway today to see how it feels to run on my knee, and I looked like a participant in the special olympics. I will heal, right Rachael?

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, Jaylee, you seriously crack me up. Jon and I just read your last couple posts and Jon wanted you to know that he busted his gut and he's ROTFL. He thinks he's up on the teen lingo. He also said you could be a world renowned blogger or on SNL if you wanted. BIG THINGS to come for you! Work it! Anyway, I can't get enough of your humor. LOVE the hair tutorial post. I'll be busting out that sweet 'do for church next week. You make me laugh out loud all the time! I say long live the pita chips and cupcakes! Life was meant to be lived! And ps...was that snow really in MESA? What!?! Have you seen our snow party out here lately? Makin' me wish I were in AZ for sure. Thanks for the funny posts. We heart you!