Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Checklist

Cute new boots I'm sure the early Nazareth(ites) would have worn had they had access to a JCPenney - CHECK!


An in-town husband (something all too rare these days), a girl (fairly more common to see than the husband), and a boy (a little too common around here if you catch my drift) - CHECK!


A Jewish blessing complete with Menorah - CHECK!


Presents under the tree - CHECK!


General merriment complete with present opening obstacles, such as being blindfolded...


wearing mittens...


having your hands tied...


or using tongs - CHECK!


A surprise present for the twins...


more information here:


A swollen knee that has doubled in size over the past two weeks that was thought to be a meniscus tear, then was downgraded to a capsule tear, and is now currently diagnosed as having a piece of errant cartilage that was dislodged after standing two weeks ago (yes I've been dealing with this for two weeks, and yes, all I did was stand up), and will maybe, probably, I don't know, really can't say, require surgery - CHECK!


A thankfulness that 2010 will see me much happier than I was when 2009 ended - CHECK!


Rachael said...

I feel your pain with the knee! Last January and February was spent with a HUGE swollen knee...with no clue as to why-I was pregnant so there were no MRI's or X-Rays for me. It mysteriously went down...weird! I have had 6 surgeries on that knee though! Good luck!

Monica said...

Sad! Where was I???

Rachel said...

I've been thinking about you ever since I heard. I knew I'd get to read a post about it soon where you somehow made it entertaining to hear about it. What a bummer. Geez. That's about all I can say about that, otherwise I'll sound cliche and I really do wish I could help.

Gina said...

I have a question for you Jaylee. Would you rather be pregnant and have a baby, or have your knee troubles and have surgery? I honestly don't know what your answer will be. Hmmm... Hurry and tell me I have to know.

Anonymous said...

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Ed and Bel said...

Jay, Do you need any help with anything?