Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Checklist

Cute new shoes I'm sure the pilgrims would have worn had they had access to a Kohl's - CHECK!

Pilgram Shoes

A dish to bring - CHECK!

An in-town husband - CHECK!


A superhero/clown/lasso wielding cowboy - CHECK!


An 8 year old - CHECK!

emma 8

Skewed depth perception due to a scratched cornea - CHECK!


An empathetic family - CHECK!


My very own "Mad Eye" Moody eyeball - CHECK!

eye 1

A thankfulness that by Sunday I will have stopped putting my pants on backwards and running into walls - CHECK!


Heather said...

my goodness woman, what did you do to yourself? can you drive....safely? eeps, do you need rides to places?

Gina said...

The contrast between Emma's and Asher's picture is so funny. The empathetic pad over the eye is gross. What did you do to your eye? Was it crazy Asher Jack that did this to you?

April said...

What the crap happened to you? I just saw you on Tuesday...what the stink?

Rachael said...

Oh Jaylee! That is too funny! I love that your family did that to you!!! I had to wear a patch for a few days up at college-it was quite embarrassing!

Jaylee Draney said...

I was playing around with Micah and he accidentally jabbed me in the eye with his fingernail. He scrapped away some cornea tissue. Thanksgiving sucked due to the pain, but I'm feeling better today.

Lindsay said...

You should've come see Matt to fix you right up! Love the familial support. :)

Michele said...

Haha that is awesome- I'm loving whoever put on the pantiliner, that is absolutely hilarious. Hope you're feeling better now!!