Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What we do

Oh sure, while camping, I could fill my time with nature hikes, bug collecting, star gazing, etc., but have you met me? This is what I do.


And sure, you can bring different activities for the kids to occupy themselves with, things to keep their little hands busy, but have you met our kids? This is what they did. With a brand new croquet set.


Emma was dedicated to having a picnic of tree sap.

And, since we don't drink, we try to find other recreational activities to fill our time with.



Okay, okay, you can call off PETA. It's not like I swatted a fly or something. Geez people, what kind of a monster do you think I am? We were aiming for the tree on the left. And if not, so what? It's not like we were sling-shotting water balloons towards them. It was, uh, big balls of grass and other stuff, you know, like some leftover alfalfa and corn from our lunch. The woods aren't really known for having much vegetation, so, you know, we thought we'd help the poor guys out. Come on, they wouldn't stop staring at us. It was starting to bug.



I know. You can't get over the shock. But I promise the cows are alive and well and continuing to produce more cow pies for other unsuspecting campers to pitch their tents on, so chilax.

Our only crime was that we saved these beauties for ourselves.


Where's the flood, Clint?

Clint's Pants


Monique said...

You need to have a caption challenge for the sling shot pic...now that would be funny. :)

Rachael said...

Love the idea of the Reese's butter cups instead of Hershey bars! Looks like fun!

April said...

Woah, a cookie, peanut butter cup s'more? Rock on! I'm campin' with you next!

H said...

How did I miss the peanut butter cup s'mores? I'll have to go back and look. I was just wondering who had the camera and took the pictures since you were in so many of them. I assume the only one you took was of the food. ?!

Lindsay said...

Obviously you guys know how to make the best of your time in the great outdoors!!! LOL at Clint's jeans.

Sara said...

That smore might almost make up for the lack of a pit....

Monica said...

I want to play!