Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm Well On My Way To Hemp Clothing And Smelling Like Patchouli

Compost +


Fertile Dirt +


A Husband's Ripped Jeans (that unfortunately fit me) +


A Bunch Of Vegetables That Look Like Lettuce +


Unhelpful Children +


Two Stupid Chickens =


My Personal Biosphere 3 Minus A Million Dollar Price Tag And The Creepy People Inside



April said...

Hooray! So, soon you will be planning your homebirth and you'll be nursing other people's babies. Mwa, ha ha! My evil plan to create hippies is steadily working...

Crystal said...

Just think of yourself as a pioneer in hipper clothing and without having to walking 1000 miles to get to the desert. You're doing great and we appreciate your good chicken example.

Bridget said...

Wow I love the garden and done so soon Congrats! Mine is awful looking and I don't want to see it right now. But great job on yours and I love the Whole Chickens and garden sharing space.

H said...

I'll be sniffing you the next time I am over to see if you smell like and Asian mint. (Yes, I looked it up. I'm going to be so smart if you keep up the word-a-day posts.)

H said...

Oops, I got an extra 'd' in there somewhere. Guess I'm not so smart, huh?!

Diana said...

Nice...except patchouli makes me gag.