Tuesday, February 10, 2009



These chickens need a name. They're not responding as well as I would have liked to Stupid 1 and Stupid 2. Since these ladies are sisters, I'm looking for names of famous sister duos, i.e. Charlotte and Emily, Mary-Kate and Ashley, etc. If I pick your suggestion, you'll not only have the honor of naming these stupid chickens, you'll get the first dozen of free range organic* eggs I pass out, personally delivered to your doorstep. If you live out of my driving range, I will instead send you a monthly update on how your namesakes are doing, as well as a photo of them in various locations around the yard (or we can just call it good with the whole "honor of naming" scenario). We'll have none of this "contest is over at midnight EST on the 17th of February 2009". The contest will conclude after you've left the perfect set of names.

*Can I still claim the eggs are organic if the chickens eat my left over Tostino's pizza rolls?


sarah said...

Lucy & Ethel!

Jenny D. said...

Thelma & Louise

Monique said...

Laverne and Shirley

Jenny D. said...

Oh wait, I have more (if it's allowed)!!!

Zsa Zsa & Eva (The Gabor Sisters. There's also a sister named Magda)

Hillary & Haylie (Duff Sisters)

Venus & Serena (Williams)

Brittany & Jamie (Spears)

Carnie & Wendy (Wilson)

LaToya & Janet (Jackson)

This was fun. Now I will get to the other 100 things I should be doing.

Sara said...

How about Malia and Sasha :-)

Shaunton said...

Ginger and MaryAnn

Ed and Bel said...

Belinda and Rhonda. =)

Ed and Bel said...

Jessica & Ashley Simpson
Ashely & Wynonna Judd
Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte
Cassandra & Jane Austen

Heather said...

The Haynes Sisters (from Bing Crosby's White Christmas) Judy & Betty

Anonymous said...

Paris & Nicky Hilton
Zsa Zsa & Eva Gabor

April said...

How about Tweedledee and Tweedledum? That sounds pretty stupid, right?

Bridget said...

I like April's names!
All I could think of were Miley and
Brandi (Hannah Montana and sister)

Bridget said...

Oh ya Miley's real name is Destiny. So you could use Destiny and Brandi

Pam said...

Betty and Verionca

H said...

Jaylee, I was going to say that I need more information on these chickens of yours before I can even begin to name them, but it looks like you've gotten plenty of responses. I was hoping to find out if they sang, are they showy, do they dance, do you think they are going to sleep around... that kind of thing. My gut was going with Zsa Zsa and Eva (although Magda the chicken has nice ring to it), but those were already suggested. Mabye go with Eva and Magda and leave Zsa Zsa out of it. They are the reincarnated spirits of the Gabor sisters come back to haunt Zsa Zsa. (It is really hard to type that name so if you are going to blog about her often, you might want to pick something else)

I have to say that I don't think some of the suggestions are sisters, just good friends. But, I'm all about sisterhood baby, so name away.

H said...

Kate and Pippa (Middleton) Can't you just hear your son calling out "Pippa, Pippa!!!" while dancing around the yard in his high heeled shoes and flashy skirt?

Crystal said...

I know Alice and Rosalie aren't really sisters in Twilight but that would be fine to have Twilight chickens? No, well how about Sex and the City? Miranda and Carrie the chickens? I know they aren't sisters either but that would be fun too.

Anonymous said...

Hope I am not to late...How about Phoebe and Ursula. Flashback to Friends!

This is Rhonda- Belinda's sis. I think Belinda and Rhonda are good names too!

Gina said...

Megatron & Starscream!!! They're definitely not sisters but look at those chickens' faces.They have decepticon written all over them. bad chickens!

Darla said...

Everyone's ideas are great! Here are a few more:
Lillian and Dorthy Gish
Patricia and Rosanna Arquette
Cathy and Patty Lane, both played by one person, Patty Duke (They were cousins, not sisters).
Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave
Good luck with the naming of your step nieces. Tweedledee and dum are hard names to resist.

Rachel said...

I (unlike some friends who care less about you) have had to take some time and effort to ponder on your very important question before replying. It was hard because all my first choices for great names were OUT because then you couldn't call them "stupid" anymore. Like your favorite mother-daughter duo of Rachel and Sophia, not so fun to put stupid in front of. Also, I would love to have you name them Malia and Sasha(which must be said like that crazypreacherman who said the prayer at the inauguration, "!SASHA!"), but then when you used your favorite adjective for them everyone would think you were a racist (or Republican).

So, I had to dig deeper and here are the results of my inspiration. They come from various interpretations of the fairy tale Cinderella and each are the wicked step-sisters' names. What could be better?

Claudette and Javotte
Marguerite and Jacqueline (Ever After)
Anastacia and Druscilla (Disney's Calliope and Minerva (the 1997 Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella")
Prunella and Esmerelda (the 1964 Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella")
Clorinda and Tisbe. (Rossini's opera of Cinderella)
Arlene and Bertha (Faerie Tale Theater's version)
Isabella and Paladine (musical movie of Cinderella called'The Slipper and the Rose')
Florinda and Lucinda (musical 'Into the Woods')

P.S. If the step-sisters win you have to save the eggs for me until May!

proud parents said...

Gog and Magog? I really like April's suggestion. But if you want to be nice (and I don't think you do), consider this:

"Home and Harvest: The Sisters of Hera"

Though not given a share in ruling the universe, the sisters of Hera (and Zeus) were no less deserving of honors. The original Olympian goddesses assumed “traditional” female responsibilities derived from the functions of ancient earth goddesses. Hera protected marriage and childbirth, Hestia guarded the hearth and home, and Demeter promoted fertility and the harvest. Since these functions played no small role in the earthly lives of mortal men and women, the Greeks (and later the Romans) showed them great reverence. Ancient literature on mythology and religious practices—written exclusively by male authors—offers us few tales about Demeter and Hestia. However, other relics of antiquity—artifacts, graffiti, place names, and so on—provide strong evidence that women in particular directed religious practices and daily worship primarily toward female deities.

H said...

YES! Coming in just under the wire, I think Jennifer has hit the nail on the head! "The Hera Sisters" I can hear your mom's voice walking through your house straight outside and saying, "How are the Hera sisters today?" Women deities, rulers of the universe... all good stuff Jaylee. This one gets my vote for sure.

proud parents said...

Patty and Selma! (Bouvier--Marge Simpson's older twin sisters)

btg said...

ok, after much thought and pondering (noy really), here are my sugestions: Jenna and Barbara Bush. This would give them presidential status and would be kind of regal...Ann Landers and Abbigail Van Buren. Both of t hese sisters are gossip/advice columists. This seems to fit two chickens, seeing how they will always be making noise and you could pretend they are gossiping about other chickens in your extended family...By the way, not only are these people sisters, the are twins!

Monica said...

How about Murtle and Olive. They are not famous but they are sisters.

Steve said...

Christanna and Heather? The Christanna chicken has to wear 6" pumps and date exclusively online while the Heather chicken has really bad anxiety.