Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 things: 1 important and 1 not so much

1. Ghetto Fry's purchased new shopping carts. I now feel regal as I push my ranch dressing around.

2. I am currently the proud owner of this:


which will be home to this:

light brahma cockerel

which started out looking like this:

Felicia and babies

The chicks were raised by my stupid chicken sister Felicia (taller chicken with the red comb in the background of the picture above - you can't miss her) who thought they were birthed from her loins, when actually, their real birth mom is back on a farm in Ohio, probably still walking around wondering where her eggs went. You see, one day Felicia decided she didn't want to get off her nest, which in the chicken world means she was broody. It was at this time my/our mother purchased a dozen already fertilized eggs off Ebay, and upon arrival, they were placed underneath Felicia's bottom, and since Felicia is a chicken and chickens are stupid, she thought she laid them herself and has raised them from egg to animal under these false pretenses.

I visited the stupid, albeit slightly cute, chicks early on in their life. I had a cold that day, and I tried to pass it on to see if I could be cause to some type of reverse avian flu virus.

Giving baby a cold

It didn't work.

So, I've decided the only way to get past my aversion to my poultry sisters is to steal their fake chicken babies.

I'm taking two of them, and am hoping to purchase a third from the chicken rescue organization (of which my mother is the chairwoman, president, and treasurer).

In a month or two, my nieces should be laying an egg a day (or it's off to the fryer with them), which, when adding in a third chicken, translates to 21 eggs per week. Our household consumes no more than 6-8 eggs per week, so I will be swimming in eggs. Since I can't stand wastefulness, I am creating an egg donation rotation list. Please comment if you would like to be added to my list, and I will let you know when to bring over your saved egg carton, which will in turn be filled with organic eggs, fresh from the fallopian tubes.


Rachael said...

Man I wish I lived close to you ! I would totally take you up on that! I am jealous!
Oh...and I had Cafe Rio tonight...I went with the Pork Barbacoa was alright.

Monica said...

Cute! I want one.

Sara said...

Put me on the list, please. I've started purchasing the 18 count egg cartons and can use most of them in a week if you can believe it. I can't wait to meet your nieces. :-)

H said...

Fabulous! I've been wondering when the chicks were coming. I'll take some eggs... until I get some egg layers of my own. If I could just convince Bill.

Monique said...

Sign me up (for eggs).

I would love to have chickens. Maybe I can buy some eggs off eBay and have your sister be a surrogate for me until they are born, she won't know the difference.

Heather said...

want eggs....will bake you cakes.

also, i think i lost your daughters admiration yesterday when I told her to smoosh a spider she found...she gave me a long hard look and a brief talk about nature...i did follow up by giving her a pink cupcake with pink sprinkles, do you think she'll forgive me?

proud parents said...

awesome--am willing to exchange for whatever you may want of mine!

Bridget said...

yummy I want eggs too. Add me. We only eat eggs when Jason makes his famous potatoes on Saturday or Sunday so that a dozen a week but still I have eggs in my fridge that haven't been eaten...

Jenny said...

Cool coop! I'd love to have chickens someday.

Crystal said...

where did you get the chicken coop? How much was it? I am still interested in taking 2 of your moms other chicks if she still wants to give them away. Let me know. if not, then definitely put me on your egg list. We go through eggs like crazy around here.

Ed and Bel said...

Place me on that list, please. =)