Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why our house will never be finished

Last weekend, Clint and I painted our living room Taupe. This weekend, Clint and I repainted our living room because our walls looked like we blended up liver pate and deviled ham, took the mixture to Home Depot to color match it, and foolishly purchased two gallons of the Taupe disaster because we didn't want to waste our money on a quart of paint to use as a sample. We applied one coat on the walls and stood back as the color began to dry. It was scary ugly. In hopes we could temper the color a bit, we convinced ourselves it would look better after a 2nd coat. After a full day of painting, it began to look eerily reminiscent to the color of cat food. We've spent the last seven days complaining about how much we hate it. Too make matters worse, I mistakenly painted all of our new baseboards, crown moldings, and casings with flat paint. I'd like to apologize to our niece for missing her birthday party. I'm sorry you're related to two anal individuals who don't think through projects as well as they should, and can't seem to live (not even one more day) with the consequences of their mistakes. I hope Emma did a good job being our proxy. We, however, are covered in Behr Antique Brown, that so far, does not look like anything edible.


Rachael said...

That is the worse! I hate picking out paint colors! And flat paint??? Why do they even make such a creature? I really need to have someone come repaint all the trim in the house..a good color is Dover White from Sherwin Williams but they can do it at Home Depot. It isn't stark white but it is still white. Its what they did all the baseboards and trim for our house when we had it built. Good luck and next please!!

Bridget said...

Hey an edible house sounds great! Maybe you could buy cookie colored paint ans then have a gingerbread house! YUM!