Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A word of caution if you happen to visit me this week at home:

matter of the economy has caused my stress level to rise to a ridiculous amount, and my mouth is paying the price. I'm struggling with a doosy of a canker sore, and my constant companion, anbesol, just isn't cutting it. It's very painful when I talk, so I've been saving my communication for only the most important of situations, like "I thought the lunchmeat was on sale for $6.99 a lb. You charged me $8" or "Clint, I'm leaving and I won't be back for 43 hrs. Good luck". So, if you would rather not hear me yell at you at the top of my lungs, then please don't touch the bananas, because I've already told the 2 year old several times to stop touching the bananas, but he continued to try to pull them apart, and right now for me, each spoken warning is accompanied by a shooting pain, and after several excruciating pleas, I finally broke down and screamed STOP TOUCHING THE FRICKIN BANANAS!, which caused the two year old to cry with fright, in turn causing me to kneel at his side and silently gesture like Lassie that I'm sorry I scared him.

Fair warning.


Rachael said...

You make me laugh!
Hope your mouth feels better soon! Just give the poor kid bananas! JK

Heather said...

try that numbing gel that you use on teething babies, it helps too. oh, and salt water gargling, I think that is supposed to help with the healing.

Monica said...

Mark gets killer cankers too. In an attempt to help him with pain I did some research. I was told that putting yogurt directly on the canker will ease the pain a little and you should increase your lactic acid intake. Eat more yogurt and cottage cheese.

Hope this helps.

April said...

Gargling with breastmilk should help. I'm not sure how weird you think that is though. I'd give you some. Hey, what are friends for, if they won't share what they have?

I've had good luck with Vitamin E too.

Beyond that, I'm sorry. Sores in the mouth are a pain. Are you sure it's not an STD? Hoo ha ha!