Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thanks H. for the shout out to my new profile picture. Several months ago, I was having a security background check performed on me (that almost sounds kinky) for a job I had applied for, and was required to send in a snapshot so they could more accurately witness whom they were dealing with. I guess they were making sure I was actually of a white trash origin, like the checked box clearly stated, and not of some other infidelic creed. I had Clint take a few, but for some unknown reason (to bug Clint), I kept making stupid faces right before he snapped the picture. He actually squirms and looks away when I construe my face; ergo, I'm a consistent face construerer (welcome to Jaylee's blog, where your learn a new word every day!). It's my sad little way to get a reaction out of him. However, I understand his disgust at anything outside of the normal realm of my appearance. Back when we were dating, for Halloween he dressed up as a woman, complete with mumu, wig and lipstick, and I could not look at or speak to him while in he was in drag. It was weird and uncomfortable for me to see him like that because I could not find the cute boy I liked underneath his Revlon Creamy Coral lipstick. I spent most of the night away from him because I was so creeped out. So, cut the guy a break, right? Anyway, I'm taking suggestions as to what to use as a profile picture. I have a few to choose from, some good, some not so good.

1. This is my current profile picture. I think it does a pretty good job at getting the point across that I think my blog is a joke and don't take me too seriously.

Me 5

2. This one looks like Clint just poignantly pontificated and I'm saying with my body language that I'm listening and I think I like what he's saying, but please, continue on with your pontification so that I can further assess my position on the topic.


3. This is my favorite face to make at Clint because, with really tight ucky looking lips, I beg and plead for him to kiss me. He doesn't.


4. See, now this one looks like I'm bragging about the amount of hair I have.

Me 4

5. Ahh, my favorite face to make. What's not to like? I'm smiling and my eyes look bright and colorful. Also, it's a good security picture as it shows I'm not red eyed and doped up.

Me 1

6. "Oh Clint, you're just so funny. I love it when you poignantly pontificate. Please, continue on. While I'm listening to you wax poetic about your miter saw, I'll just sit back and listen, all the while tilting my head to one side and demurely smiling at you."

Me 3

7. Okay, now can you see why Clint has such a complex about my chameleon-like facial expressions? This one is priceless. Best one yet.


In summation, if you prefer a picture, please leave a comment with it's corresponding number. If you could care less what I put as a profile picture, but you still won't be ousting me from your feed reader, please also leave a comment letting me know that you're letting this post slide. I will admit I have a bit of a complex about the quality of my postings and sometimes feel like the only girl in existence who would post such unflattering pictures of myself. But, I'm crazy to think that, right? Right?

On a side note, I think it would be beneficial for me to put a cap on my use of parenthesis in one post. I'm not sure why I'm so prone to use them (Yes I do, it's to help me from going off into tangents because (true story) my brain functions like this (if my brain were a picture, it would be a speech bubble with a bunch of tiny speech bubble friends all attached) and it helps keep me in check so that I don't start going on about why my brain chemistry = high probable outcome of being abnormal) and I'm sure it's becoming annoying to see.


Rachel said...

My pick is #3. The tight lipped kiss-needing desperation photo (much like this whole post) just makes my heart a little happier.

I like your use of parenthesis and I have the same tendency to throw in a bunch. More so since H. once left a comment that I switched subjects so many times that she got confused. I think the parenthesis help out my dear blog readers. Has it helped H?

What job were you applying for?

Amanda said...

I will let this post slide. All of them are freaky.

April said...

I like the one that was chosen, but the color scheme makes you look a bit like an umpa loompa. Maybe you should go with a black and white version (just an idea that you may or may like like).

~The Pies~ said...

wow! I would hire you.....maybe for a kids birthday party as the scary face lady. Just kidding! I would agree with april about the umpa loompa comment. Thanks for the fun night out!

H said...

I could only view the normal pictures (darn flickr!) so I'm voting for the one you've got up, although desperate for a kiss pic sounds intriguing :)

I use too many commas, and apparently critique people too much 'cuz I'm being ousted. I don't remember telling Rachel that. I think I better stop commenting so much.

(oh, and my dumb pic. seems to be the only one taken of me in recent years)

Crystal said...

I loved this post. It totally had me laughing! My vote is stick with your original. Although I love all of the pictures. You're not the only one to put an unflattering picture on your blog. Mine has me in swimsuit with all of my glorious milky-white, cottage cheese thighs hanging out. That's me, fat and happy. By the way, I love the parentheses too. I use them and exclamation marks too often as well. I can't wait to see which pic you go with.