Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Universal Picture

From the "How to Parent Asher to Adulthood So You Don't Kill Him" handbook given to me at his birth, found in paragraph 27, section 12, article 4, division 33, clause 2 , snippet 9 -

"For the purpose of capturing photographic memories, it shall hear by be mandated that one such photo must be comprised entirely of the subject's meal upon their head. In such a case that this is a possible event to depict, it is encouraged that the meal be one of a stain producing variety. The subject's meal should look to be in disarray, while the subject them self should look to be well satiated and contented with their current condition."

Messy Asher


Heather said...

birthday's suits are so easy to clean, good choice in attire.

Rachel said...

That is hilarious when I see it on your child. Sometimes I feel like if I have to wash Sophia from head to toe(even tho she only actually ate one bite) and scrub the whole dumb high chair ONE MORE TIME I will just have to curl up in the fetal position and never get back up.

Nice to see others get the same challenge :)