Sunday, May 11, 2008


Growing up, I thought I had the hippest, prettiest mother.

Cheryl Before

I didn't know her then.
She did eventually blossom into this beautiful person -

Cheryl After 1

We were anything but a conventional family, and I both hated and relished this fact, depending on what the situation was. Somehow she managed to raise me, put herself through school, work, and eventually gain a masters degree in Art History. She is anything but boring.

I could list millions of anecdotes about her. Just last night she added to my ever growing list. My grandmother wanted to take a picture of us at the dinner table. My mother would not get into the frame until her lipstick was freshened. Then, for a good 10 minutes, my mother talked about how she wants to get a cow and churn her own butter. I told her the idea of unpasteurized milk made me gag, so she said she would buy all the pasteurization equipment. As if it were that simple. After the cow conversation, my mother struck up a discussion with the hot waiter about desert tortoises.

Thank you mother for being one of the most interesting women that I know. I love you!

Cheryl  After 1


Heather said...

I've never met your mother (but I hope one day I do), but WOW, you guys look a lot a like!

H said...

Somehow the perfect lipstick and the insistance on being called "mother" are not quite fitting with the image of the chicken lady and reptile raising woman that you describe. Again though, it explains much about you :)