Monday, March 24, 2008

Does this happen to you?

To all those out there who have visited my house and commented on it's tidyness:

Really Messy Table

This was my kitchen table today. Does this just happen to me or does everyone struggle with this?

Messy Table

There is something from every aspect of my life represented on this table. At least the orange formica countertops are clean.


Heather said...

yes Jaylee, just flip back through flickr and you will see that my house looks like this sometimes too!

H said...

Just you. Well, obviously you've never seen my island...literally.

April said...

My table and island are always covered in crap. I blame Ryan until I realize that most of the junk is mine. Woops!

Monique said...

Hmm,nope, just you. I personally like to hide my junk, LOL. Seriously though, my computer desk disappears quite frequently...and I hate trying to find it. Every time I think to myself, if I just put things were they go the first time, I won't have to keep doing this...and you can see....same results. One day it will sink in.

Heather Weir said...

I have a once a week clean off as my table and counters are always like that. I have to have them clean at least once a week to keep some sanity

Gina said...

You know what the trick is? Have company over all the time, it constantly gives you incentive to keep a clean house. If you pick up daily it's not so dang overwhelming too. I'm not saying I don't have those moments when clutter takes over, but I don't have nearly as many as I used to.