Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If furniture could talk...

...I think these chairs would scream.

birthing chairs

Monday, April 19, 2010

poor pitiful Emma on her stationary horse

A few years ago, Clint and I took Emma to DisneyWorld. It is hands down the happiest place on earth. I become intensely jealous when someone mentions their upcoming vacation to D-Dub. We were only able to spend 3 days total visiting the parks, which was insanely difficult given there are a total of 4 parks, and each one is about the size of Wichita.

Pics 017

Before leaving, I researched each park like crazy and created spreadsheets designed to help maximize our visit, listing each ride by height restriction, average wait time, proximity, etc.

Pics 003

If we were only able to spend 3 days at 4 parks, I felt I needed to organize and create some sort of schedule to help me capitalize on our lack of time.

Pics 101

However, as I was looking through pictures of our vacation, it appears that I spent a large percentage of my time at the happiest place on earth planning how I was going to squeeze out every last ounce of enjoyment I could have whilst visiting the happiest place on earth.

Pics 015

Are you seeing the pattern? For most of our vacation, I was obsessively checking and cross referencing all of my printed out spreadsheets and maps, and I failed to look up for pictures, parades, singing wooden puppets, etc.

Pics 013

The irony isn't lost on me. By the middle of the second day, I realized my folly, and I found that I could enjoy myself while walking without purpose and living in indecision.

Pics 011

I did, however, meet one goal I set for myself before our trip: I ate in EVERY country at Epcot.